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From household pets to field crops, grain storage, and livestock feeding, Perma-Guard is Mother Nature's product for safely protecting us from pesky bugs, with no harm to the environment or to people!


PERMA-GUARD is the trade name for a grade and quality of Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Actually, DE is not an earth. It is the fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by one celled plants called DIATOMS. When insects come in contact with DE, their shell is worn through and death is by dehydration. There is no survival and no immunity.

These products do not contain persistent chemicals harmful to the environment and to higher forms of life, to which insects become immune--it is an organic insecticide. Perma-Guard products are a much needed revolution for pest control.

Perma-Guard kills by physical action, not chemical--by puncturing the insects exoskeleton and absorbing its body fluids, thus posing no harm to warm-blooded life. The addition of Pyrethrum and Piperonyl butoxide is to irritate the bug, causing physical action, allowing the DE to work more quickly. Birds who eat bugs get 14 extra trace minerals.

These products are certain death to insects. Moreover, on any surface, these natural pesticide products have a remarkable repellency factor. As long as it is present, insects tend to stay away, making a serious infestation unlikely. Also, the more it is used, the more an environment is created that tends to make insects feel unwelcome.

Perma-Guard, Inc. owns the patents acquired in 1962 for animal food additives, insecticides, and worming (now expired).

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